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Cooking Classes O'Fallon MO
Cooking Classes St. Louis
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Cooking Classes & Culinary Demonstrations
Personal Chef San Francisco
Cooking Classes O'Fallon MIssouri
Seafood Secrets - From Salmon to Sole, Grilled, Baked or Poached, learning how to cook fish properly can convert even die-hard meat lovers to fish-mongers.
Pastry 101 - Participants learn tips and tricks for making their  own pastry and how to adapt basic ingredients to achieve spectacular results. 
Cooking Classes San Francisco
Fire Up The Grill - Class attendees learn secrets of grilling, how to know when it's done, and how to mix up the flavors to make every grill-feast exciting!
Classic Sauce Making - Sauces can make the meal and add a special touch to even the most simple of dishes.  Learning a few classic tecniques can take your culinary repetoire to a new level.
Personal Chef Cooking Classes San Franisco
Fast & Flavorful Appetizers - Forget chips and dip and the supermarket veggie tray.  Learn how easy it is to create treats your guests will remember!
Whether the class is hands-on, or you just want to watch and learn,
one thing is always certain:  Everyone has a great time!

Cooking Classes San Franisco
Private Chef San Francisco
Cooking Classes San Francisco
MealThymes - A Personal Chef Service
T:  888-314-3423
Cooking Classes Personal Chef Missouri
A Personal Chef Service in San Franciso, CA & St. Charles, MO
Chef Lauren will be demonstrating gluten free cooking at the Gluten Free Awareness Tour in San Francisco on September 21st & 22nd.  The event is sponsored by Nature's Path Organic.  Click here for more details.
Cooking Classes Missouri
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Have you always wanted to learn to make a particular dish? 
Do you want to master a specific technique?  Or, do you want to add a new and different element to your next party? 

Bridal Showers - Corporate Team-Building - Couples Cooking  - Ladies' Night In -
or anything else you can think of.  Call or email today for more information.
888-314-3423 -

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Recent classes and demonstrations have covered many different cuisines and tecniques; such as:
Homemade Pasta - Class particpants learn how easy it is to make pasta from scratch - and how wonderful the results can be.
Personal Chef Cooking Classes San Francisco
You are a wonderful teacher, making those of us who are not quite as confident in the kitchen feel there are things we can try, and be successful at.

         Michelle S., O'Fallon, MO
Cooking Classes San Francisco
Personal Chef Cooking Classes San Francisco
Private Cooking Classes San Francisco
Cooking Classes San Franicsco
Upcoming Public Classes & Demos:
Personal Chef Dinner Party San Francisco
Personal Chef San Franicsco
Gluten Free Cooking Classes San Francisco
Cooking Classes San Franisco
Gluten Free Cooking San Francisco
Gluten Free Cooking - Cooking without wheat or other gluten-containing product is easy once you learn basic substitution and what flours work best in each preparation. Chef Lauren has been gluten free for over four years and has developed ways to adapt almost any recipe - even pizza and pastries!
Italian Cooking Class
Griling Class
Corporate Dessert Demo
Teaching Kids
Gluten Free Demo
Bridal Shower Cooking Class
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